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Larson Product Development was founded in Sarasota, Florida by Deena & Fred Larson. Our vision is to develop innovative and affordable consumer products that solve everyday problems and enhance the lives of everyday people. We pledge to work hard to provide the best quality and most value for your money. We believe in our products and will not sell a product that we wouldn’t buy and use ourselves.

The idea for the KyssTM Bag was conceived on the beautiful sandy beach of Siesta Key, Florida. We saw the need for a way to protect valuable and vulnerable unattended belongings. These days, we all carry more expensive items like phones, Blackberries and iPods.  And on the beach, to take a swim, you also need to leave your wallets, purses and key fobs behind. The KyssTM Bag allows you to secure all of your beach items (including your beach chair, cooler and bag) together while also securing your bag closed in one easy motion.

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Any potential thief will flee when they realize that your chair, cooler and other large items are coming with the bag that they were hoping to inconspicuously snatch. And your bag remains securely closed.  On or off the beach, the KyssTM Bag is attractive and versatile enough to use every day!

The convenience of our Patent-Pending Safe ToteTM Security System is great, and the resulting peace of mind is wonderful. No more nervously looking back at your belongings to make sure they are safe.  We hope you love the security and convenience of the Kyss Bag as much as we do.


Deena & Fred Larson

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